All the Buck N Birds from past and present will be on showcase for all to see. Leader Boards are rotated for the many categories and on Sunday an Awards Ceremony showcases the biggest bucks of the year and awards the lucky hunters. Our first class display of entries will truly be a sight to see!


How to Enter:

How to Enter: It's easy! Bring your trophy to the Nebraska Buck N Bird Classic and purchase a $20 Buck N Bird Contest entry ticket which includes a 3-Day Show Pass and official scoring of your whitetail or mule deer. You will be asked to fill out a complete registration form and receive a numbered claim check which correlates to a stamped registration tag that will accompany your deer. Security and safety of your trophy is always our number one concern. Your deer will be scored and on display at the show and may be picked up Sunday afternoon after 3:30 pm.
All contestants will be entered into the Buck N Bird Contest Giveaway Drawings!!


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Nebraska and the rest of the Midwest faced some drastic die offs with their Whitetail Deer population in many areas this past summer. The Nebraska Buck N Bird Contest will accept those deer that you wish to have scored. Many trophy bucks were sadly claimed by EHD this year instead of by hunters. For those of you that found dead deer and wish to have them entered into the contest and scored please remember a couple of things…

  • Deer skull plate must be in tact to be measured in the found dead category, if not, it can be considered a shed antler
  • All deer brought to be scored must be FREE from ALL flesh, bugs, hair, and velvet. Preferably bleached skulls. Velvet can be accepted if preserved.

Buck N Bird Contest Rules of Entry:

  • Contest open to hunters who legally harvested a whitetail or mule deer buck.
  • Entries will be accepted starting 3:00 pm on Friday and close at 12:00 pm on Sunday.
  • Antlers do not need to be mounted. Unmounted antlers must have a solid skull plate.
  • If your deer has been previously scored, you must bring a copy of the official score sheet.
  • Buck must have been harvested in the previous hunting season to enter the Firearm, Archery, or Youth categories. This year will include deer shot in 2013.
  • Bucks harvested prior to the 2013 hunting seasons must be entered into the People’s Choice or Monster Bucks of the Past category.
  • To compete in the Youth category, hunter must have been under 18 years of age at time of harvest. Proof of birth date may be required. 



2014 Nebraska Buck N Bird Award

Awarded to the largest typical and non-typical for both whitetail and mule deer shot in Nebraska in the 2013 season.

2014 People’s Choice Award

Enter your Distinctly Different looking antlers for a chance to win the Peoples Choice Awards! Hunters, if you have a whitetail or mule deer on your wall that is a, crazy, non-typical, drop tine monster, or other freak, with a unique look, be sure to bring it to the Nebraska Buck N Bird Classic this year to compete for a Peoples Choice Award. Attendees will cast their vote at the show!

Monster Bucks of the Past Award

The Monster Bucks of the Past Award will be awarded to the largest Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett typical and non typical whitetail and mule deer scored from any year but the 2013 season are eligible for this category.

Best of the West Award

Best of the West category for any whitetail and mule deer harvested outside of Nebraska and West of the Mississippi River!